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Skunk Odor Removal Columbus, Westerville, Gahanna,

Have You Been

Displaced By

a Potent Skunk Spray incident Near Your Home or on a Pet? 

You'll have peace of mind knowing the odor is gone and you can return home with minimal disruption quickly - We'll Help You Return to Your

Home Faster than Most Traditional Methods that leave a lingering odor.


Residential - Commercial - Vehicles

Central Ohio

Don't  Throw Out Your Belongings!

There isn't much that can be more unpleasant than an encounter with a Skunk. Typically the family Pet startles a Skunk and if lucky, is only sprayed once, but in most situations it's multiple doses of the Skunks powerful defense mechanism - Mother Natures Tear Gas. Then as luck would have it, the dog re-treats back into the home and the odor hits you just about as quick as the dog has ran through a good portion of the house in a panic!

The Most Frustrating part is that so many methods on the market don't work or only eliminate a little bit of the odor and it lingers for days if not weeks. We all live busy lives and are pre-occupied with 100 things in a days time, trying to remove Skunk musk from your home probably isn't something you want to tackle yourself

Our proprietary treatment process reliably releases controlled amounts providing guaranteed results on every situation. The dense vapor widely penetrates homes or commercial facilities and effectively seeks out areas often overlooked by hard surface disinfectants and cleaning methods.

There is quite a bit of chemistry involved with Skunk musk. Thiols are in this composition - which are also found in garlic and in onions,  add to that a carbon atom which makes it disperse through the air so easily and absorb into just about everything in a home or vehicle. Adding water to this chemical composition of musk is actually going to aggravate the situation and make the odor more pungent.

Our gas vapor treatment process quickly oxidizes and break down the molecules of Skunk musk odor that has entered your property either by air or by physical contact from the family pet brushing up against / transferring it onto carpeting, furnishings and walls in the home


Secondary Skunk Odor Damage. Homeowners understandably in a panic realize their interior is suddenly filled with the foul smell. Soon realizing the secondary damage,  all the contents in the home could possibly be affected. In moderate to severe cases homeowners pack a few things to stay with relatives, friends or a hotel, only to find that their belongings they packed for their stay, absorbed the odor too.  Our process will not only clear the air in your home, but your belongings will be odor free as well.  For more severe cases we even offer a laundry detergent additivie that can be used for peace of mind.

This process works great for homes or businesses and vehicles. This product can be sprayed in liquid form onto a vehicle or exterior of the home and even onto the ground to neutralize any remaining odor.