Skunk is in the Air...

Happy Ground Hog Day - Unfortunately, another 6 weeks of Winter. But don't let that keep you from enjoying a Healthy, Indoor Living Environment! We will soon be posting some great offers for Indoor Air Treatments and Vehicle Treatments.

If you are driving around recently, have you noticed more Skunk must in the air here in Central Ohio ? Great! I am not the only one noticing this! You'll find that February, August and into September is where Skunk musk / odor is much more noticeable, here is a great article explaining why .

And if you ever so unfortunately have an encounter with a skunk - typically a pet is sprayed, slips back inside the home and from there transfers the odor onto the carpeting or upholstery becoming a challenge to eliminate. Skunks also find refuge in crawl spaces and believe it or not, many stories come to mind of Skunks running inside homes and commercial buildings through open doors. We have a process that will quickly eliminate this foul and challenging odor!

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