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Remove Smoke Odors / Foul Odors

From Your Property Listing Quick!


You Can’t Sell It, Rent It or Give It Away!

Buyers seem to be running away!

    You think, You’ve Tried EVERYTHING

              (Air Fresheners-Carpet Cleaning-Ozone-Enzymes-Painting-New Carpet-Etc.)

None of These Work Permanently

Our proprietary process is unlike any other odor removal process. Unlike Fogging or setting up an Odor Bomb,  our 7 Step Process starts with a thorough evaluation with the property owner. 


Testing Humidity and Temperature we begin to start our treatment process. Depending on what type of treatment we are providing,  some additional pre-treatment steps may take place such as wet wiping  washing of walls, ceilings, cabinets and counter-tops as needed through out the property with our Proprietary blend of Chlorine Dioxide. Nothing compares to the odor fighting properties of industrial strength Chlorine Dioxide in liquid form. What makes this product even better, is that is a green product and does not leave any chemical residue in your home.

Smoke Odor Removal Process


Humidity / Moisture Test

Proprietary Blend Wet Wipe Application

Dense Vapor Treatment 1 - 24 Hour Treatments 

Vapor PPM Test / Introduce Ventilation

Electrostatic /  Cool Mist Application

Continued Maintenance Slow Release Treatment

The next step is the most powerful. In this step we generate  Chlorine Dioxide  vapor,  allowing the chlorine dioxide to penetrate every crack and crevice of the interior of your property. Chlorine Dioxide in gas form is 0.124 Nanometers in size. 8.06451612903 Chlorine Dioxide Gas Molecules = 1 Nanometer. 1,000 Nanometers = 1 Micron. Our method of cigarette, cigar or pipe smoke elimination is much more advanced than any other method. You'll find it is fast, effective  cost saving.

As the Vapor is exhausted, we introduce ventilation and  air out the property.


Another powerful step is the use of our electrostatic  sprayer which we use throughout the home as a final application. This secondary application of Chlorine Dioxide provides an extra measure of care, leaving your property totally clean, fresh and crisp!

In select treatment packages we also include our slow release continued care maintenance package. That continues to release safe low levels of chlorine dioxide which continue to treat the air for up to 60 days.

Now Try Something That Will Work


Our Advanced Vapor System 

To Sell or Rent Your Property Quickly




Truly A Miracle In The Making!

We recently treated a home for Cigarette smoke odor. The property had been listed for six months with not one single offer due to the overwhelming smoke odor. The realtor was reffered to our service by a co-worker.


The homeowner spent thousands to have the walls sealed and painted only to find the cigarette smoke odor still remained.  Our Process Deeply penetrates the home like no other system available!

It's truly amazing to see a home, after tweny years or more of heavy smoking suddenly and totally odor free within 24hours! At a fraction of other methods and it treated the furnishings too! BUT, what is ABSOULTELY  Incredible is that the home was in Contract 2 Days Later!