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Struggling To Remove Smoke Odor From Your Property ?

Columbus - Central Ohio Odor Removal

Ex-stinked Odor Eliminator Treatments

Go Way Beyond  Typical Odor


Top Odors Most Columbus Ohio Home Owners Need Removed


1. Pet urine odor elimination


2. Cigarette smoke odor removal


3. Cooking odors completely removed, such as fish and curry


4. Musty basement and crawl space odor removal.


5. Automobile odors. All are gone completely with our system within 1 hour.


6. Smoke odor elimination from a house fire.

Just Imagine All Smoke Odors Gone!

Cooking, Tobacco Smoke, Fire Damage and more....

On One Recent Project here in Central Ohio -An Entire Home was treated for Cigarette Smoke Odor to help prepare for Holiday Guests!


The Home had been smoked in for close to 20 years. Our 24 Hour Treatment Process Eliminated the Smoke Odor without replacing carpet or furnishings. We did not paint or seal the walls savings the home owner Thousands of Dollars in what would have been an expensive and lengthy project. The homeowner expresses her thoughts on the service......

 Residential Homes

Rental Properties

Commercial Offices


Cars / Trucks

RV's / Boats


Nursing Homes

Medical Facilites 

Cigarette Odor

Removal for Central Ohio

Eliminated Completely!



Just imagine your home, business or apartment / rental with no more smoke odor ? And without having to replace the carpet, the furnishings and sealing the walls. Now picture a service company providing this service and your home is smoke free in 24 Hours! Saving you thousands and thousands of dollars by not having to replace furniture, window coverings, bedding, painting and more!

That's where our amazing new service comes in! Treatments available for homes, apartments, rentals, vehicles, rv's, boats and more!

We not only guarantee 100 percent smoke odor removal, if we can’t remove the smoke odor  from cigarettes, cigars or pipes within 24 hours, it's FREE!

Serving Central Ohio since 1995 providing True Restorative Carpet and Upholstery.

Our Proprietary Advanced Vapor Treatment Process Eliminates Smoke From All Areas Of a Home

Smoke Odor Removal Process

The next step is one of the  most powerful. In this step we generate our proprietary  vapor,  which penetrates every crack and crevice of the interior of your property. Chlorine Dioxide in gas form is 0.124 Nanometers in size. 8.06451612903 Chlorine Dioxide Gas Molecules = 1 Nanometer. 1,000 Nanometers = 1 Micron. Our method of cigarette, cigar or pipe smoke elimination is much more advanced than any other method. You'll find it is fast, effective  cost saving.

As the Vapor is exhausted, we introduce ventilation and  air out the property.


Another powerful step is the use of our electrostatic  sprayer which we use throughout the home as a final application. This secondary application e provides an extra measure of care, leaving your property totally clean, fresh and crisp!

In select treatment packages we also include our slow release continued care maintenance package. That continues to release safe low levels of chlorine dioxide which continue to treat the air for up to 90 days.


Humidity / Moisture Test

Proprietary Blend Wet Wipe Application

Dense Vapor Treatment 1 - 24 Hour Treatments 

Vapor PPM Test / Introduce Ventilation

Electrostatic Cool Mist Application

Continued Maintenance Slow Release Treatment

Our proprietary process is unlike any other odor removal process. Unlike Fogging or setting up an Odor Bomb,  our multi Step Process starts with a thorough evaluation with the property owner. 


Testing Humidity and Temperature we begin to start our treatment process. Depending on what type of treatment we are providing,  some additional pre-treatment steps may take place such as wet wiping  washing of walls, ceilings, cabinets and counter-tops as needed through out the property with our Proprietary blend of Chlorine Dioxide. Nothing compared to the odor fighting properties of industrial strength Chlorine Dioxide in liquid form. What makes this product even better, is that is a green product and does not leave any chemical residue in your home.

        Chlorine Dioxide -

Does NOT Release free chlorine

Does NOT release harmful byproducts

Highly effective on bacteria, virus, protozoa, algae, fungus

Non-corrosive, Doesn't react with ammonia

Microbes do not build resistance

Broad spectrum antimicrobial

Kills spores

Effective at a wide range of pH

        Chlorine Bleach-

Releases Free Chlorine

Releases harmful hypochlorous acid

Low disinfection on bacteria, virus,

         protozoa, algae, fungus


Toxic reaction with ammonia

Narrow spectrum antimicrobial

Does not kill spores

Reaction greatly affected by pH

 Central Ohio

Remove Indoor Odors


Tobacco & Cannabis Smoke

Fire & Smoke Damage

All Pet Odors

All Horrible Cooking Odors

New Car / Carpet Odors

Mystery Chemical Odors

Musty Homes or Basements

Skunk & Dead Animal Odors


Cars, Trucks, RV, Boat Odors

All Urine Odors

Difficult Curry Odors

And Much, Much More!