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Top Odors Most Columbus Ohio Clients Need Removed


1. Pet urine odor elimination


2. Cigarette smoke odor removal


3. Cooking odors completely removed, such as fish and curry


4. Musty basement and crawl space odor removal.


5. Automobile odors. All are gone completely with our system within 1 hour.


6. Smoke odor elimination from a house fire.

7. Skunk Odors - Pet Is Sprayed and enters the home - or odor has permeated into the home due to  Skunk spraying just outside of the home.

Residential Homes

Rental Properties

Commercial Offices


Cars / Trucks

RV's / Boats


Nursing Homes

Medical Facilites

One Recent Project - Treated an Entire Home for Cigarette Smoke Odor to help prepare for Holiday Guests!


The Home had been smoked in for close to 20 years. Our 24 Hour Treatment Process Eliminated the Smoke Odor without replacing carpet or furnishings. We did not paint or seal the walls savings the home owner Thousands of Dollars in what would have been an expensive and lengthy project. At the end the homeowner expresses her thoughts on the service......

Eliminate Odors Completely!


Chlorine Dioxide has a very short life span, while it is active, it has some amazing properties. It literally obliterates the odor causing compound molecules, physically changing their chemical structure and then Chlorine Dioxide quickly breaks down. It will Eliminate Odors and the source of the odor but that's not all! Chlorine dioxide is well-known as an effective agent for oxidizing microorganisms and reducing odor, including hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Commonly used as an alternative to chlorine, ClO2 mitigates odors at the source rather than merely masking them.

Get a Better Nights Sleep!

Denatures Allergens - Whether its from cat or dog dander, a protein found in bird feathers or other fury friend or simple dust mite allergens - Chlorine Dioxide will oxidize and basically break down the allergen, it will no longer be an irritant and you'll breath easier in your home and find yourself getting a better nights sleep with our Allergy Denaturing Packages

As with Allergens, this will also eliminate mold spores and mold growth quickly!

It can oxidize and reduce Chemical Odors! If you know of someone that has a chemical sensitivity this can help dramatically reduce the issue

-  Fresh Indoor Paints, New Carpet Odors, New Car Odors and other chemical off-gassing can be eliminated quickly. Mystery Odors from Materials

will also be eliminated.

Concerns about Formaldehyde levels in your

home ? Whether from laminate floors, varnishes and other coatings and furnishings Our process can reduce the levels dramatically.

Columbus And Greater

Central Ohio Realtors

Rental Property Owners

Odors can quickly cause loss of property values. You can seal the walls, add a fresh coat of paint, clean carpets and still have a house that has the scent of a smoker who has been in the home for years or any other

mal-odor. You can replace furniture, carpeting, etc and spend thousands and thousands of dollars doing so. I am Happy to tell you, there is a method to treat this for a fraction of the cost, that is effective and it's fast! And its guaranteed!

Recently I was contacted by a Realtor that had over 60 interested buyers for a home here in Central Ohio, unfortunately the house had been smoked in for over 25 years and that was about the only drawback in selling this home. 

We initiated a 24 hour treatment to the entire home. I am happy to tell you, that two days later the home had its first offer submitted.  That's how Quick and Effective this treatment works and it's not limited to just Smoke Odors!

smoke & soot

By-products from Incomplete


Smoke is a by product of incomplete combustion. What you are smelling is essentially burnt rotting organic material.

Oxygen and Chlorine molecules combined together make a powerful oxidizing agent which speeds up the process of decomposition - Approximately 8 hours - what might take months or years to naturally  air out and become unnoticeable.

Odor Removal Pickerington Ohio

Columbus - Central Ohio

Remove Odors


Tobacco & Cannabis Smoke

Fire & Smoke Damage

All Pet Odors

All Horrible Cooking Odors

New Car / Carpet Odors

Mystery Chemical Odors

Musty Homes or Basements

Skunk & Dead Animal Odors


Cars, Trucks, RV, Boat Odors

All Urine Odors

Difficult Curry Odors

And Much, Much More!

                       Quick Fact :

In 2001 when the Brentwood Post Office and the Hart Senate Building were attacked with anthrax, a portion of our process that we use, Chlorinxe dioxide,  was used for the cleanup and decontamination of anthrax. Anthrax is spread by spores or by skin contact. The Vapor  attacks the spores in the air and the liquid takes care of surface cleaning. It was successful in the elimination of the anthrax disease. Another great article on this product is by the American Chemistry Council

Central Ohio Skunk Odor Removal

Skunk! Skunk! - The story happens time and time again, the family dog or cat gets sprayed and retreats inside the home contaminating the home.  This can be a costly process trying to remedy. Our proprietary solution and process can eliminate the Skunk musk within 24 hours and you can return to an ultra fresh, clean environment. We Offer skunk odor removal to a greater portion of Central Ohio. Click Here For More Info