Central Ohio Hotel Odor Removal Air Quality

A Fresh Approach

to Providing

Ultra Fresh, Crisp, Clean

Experience For Your Guests

Fast, Effective and


- Reduce Indoor Allergens


Chlorine Dioxide as explained in detail on our Quick Allergy Relief page, will drastically reduce Guest Room Allergen Levels. They'll be thanking you

for a Better Nights Sleep!

- Smoke Odors

From time to time Guests Smoke

in a No Smoking Room, this treats not only the air, but the furnishings, bedding, curtains and HVAC / PTAC Units - The Odor will be completely gone in just a little over an Hour!

- Moldy or Musty Odors


whether a guest room has moisture issues from a previous water leak, damp feet from walking out of the shower (which is a common issue) Our process will destroy the mold

spores and odor causing bacteria

- Cooking Odors / Left Over

  Food / Trash MalOdors


For extended stay hotels and even guest rooms with in-room microwaves, cooking at times can present problems. Curry and Fish

Odors can be the most challenging to deal with. Our process can eliminate the most difficult odors.

- Pet Odors / Dander /

  Allergen Denaturing

We service Properties that allow Pets and Properties that do not. From time to time in either situation a Guest may have tried to sneak a pet in over night. Whether Pet related accident, general pet odor, or the room needs general deodorizing  afterwards. Our Advanced vapor treatment process will give you piece of mind that elevated pet dander / allergens / odors are eliminated.

- Extended Care Slow Release Service


Elevators, Guest Rooms and Common Areas

Can be at benefit of our Ex-Stinked

Slow Release Air Treatment Units. 

Completely Safe Levels released, Odorless

that continues to control odors in any areas

of concern.



Standard methods of deodorizing and sanitizing a guest room don't often work as well as your guests deserve and expect.

Protective Effect of low-concentration Chlorine Dioxide gas against Influenza A virus infection

Our vapor treatment used in low concentration in the interior of your property will greatly reduce virus infections

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         A Great Solution To Provide a

   Wonderful Stay For Your Hotel Guests!

At times you work in a very fast paced environment with full occupancies and the need to turn guest rooms around fairly quick.


There is nothing like finding a non smoking guest room, filled with tobacco smoke odor and worse yet, trying to figure out how to eliminate the odor before the next guests arrival. 


If you operate an Extended Stay Inn, finding foul odors from either burnt food, strong cooking odors or trash that was long overdue to be taken to the dumpster, can be just as frustrating as a smoking issues.

As a property ages, Mold and Musty Odors at times may arise due to dampness from showers and damp carpet to improper working HVAC units and water leaks.  Along with Mold and Musty situations, indoor allergens can pose a threat. There is nothing like staying in a guest room and waking up heavily congested the next morning from a reaction to Mold spores, Pet Dander, Dust mites, etc.

That is where our service works wonders in so many situations. Ex-Stinked Odor Eliminator can be called in to service to treat Guest Rooms, Banquet Rooms, Common Areas and more, to Quickly eliminate problematic odors and reduce elevated levels of molds spores and allergens.

Our vapor treatment process can treat odors that have absorbed and adsorbed into walls, curtains, upholstery, bedding and the  heating and cooling systems.  It can be used in Liquid form to treat carpets and upholstery and hard floors as well.  Following a treatment our Slow Release Maintenance Service can be used for continued treatment, leaving guest rooms, halls, elevators and other busy areas completely odor free.

Guest Rooms Can Be

Treated in One Hour

and they will be

Ultra Fresh, Crisp

and Clean


Or It's Free!