We Eliminate Vehicle / RV / Boat Interior

Odors Fast and Effectively!

Whether you are a busy Soccer Mom, Buying a Used Vehicle that smells like smoke or other foul odor, have a Chemical Sensitivy to that "New Car Smell",  Or have an RV Or Boat that has been in Storage and now Smells  Musty or Like Last Years Road Trip

- We Can Help!

Our One and Two Hour Treatments are PERFECT Choice for  Complete Vehicle Interior Odor Removal here in Central Ohio!

Eliminate Vehicle Interior Odors

Completely and Fast in Central Ohio!

Unlike Deodorizer Sprays / And Fragrant Slow Release Products - Our One and Two Hour Treatments Will Eliminate Even the

Toughest Of Odors!

Smoke Odors, Skunk Odors, Rotten Food Odors, Musty/ Mildew Odors,  Bait / Fish Trunk Odors

Paint VOC / Chemical Off Gassing Odors

We can come to your location and treat the vehicle with either our 1 or 2 Hour treatment

depending on severity.

Our Proprietary Vapor Treatment Process penetrates deeper than any other method available! Upholstery, Air Ducts, All Surfaces of interior are treated

in this process.

Fast Odor Removal Solution!

Through the process of Oxidiation, Ex-Stinked Odor Eliminator  breaks down odor causing molecules quickly. Leaving behind just a light chlorinated scent that shortly lingers. In Most Cases Vehicles Can be Treated with our 60 Minute and 120 Minute Process!

Not Only Is the Odor Removed but some incredible side benefits are included in this process.

Allergens are Molecularly


(your body will no longer recognize the allergen that would typically cause an allergic reaction)

Mold / Mold Spores Eliminated

Chemical / VOC Off Gassing

is greatly reduced

Bacteria / Viruses are Eliminated

 Leaving you with peace of mind that your Vehicle or RV Is Clean and Healthy!

RV's tend to have an odor after they have been winterized and closed up all winter during storage. Our process can eliminate mold / musty smells throughout the RV. Cabinets, bathrooms, HVAC, Mattresses all areas of the RV are treated. Larger RV's may require our 5 Hour treatment process



Have you recently purchased an RV that has a slight tobacco smoke odor that no one has been able to eliminate? We can help! Professional Auto Detailing, Charcoal treatments, deodorizers / masking agents just simply cover / mask the odors - we completely eliminate the odor.